The quest for sleep

The Quest for Sleep is a documentary film that follows real characters whose struggles with sleep threaten to unravel their waking lives. The character of “Sleep” — narrated by award winning actor Octavia Spencer — acts as a poetic and insightful foil to our cast and leads the audience to experts who illuminate the science behind how we sleep and what keeps us awake.

0:00 – 5:46I am sleep and it’s time we talked
5:46 – 16:27Understanding why some of us can’t sleep?
16:27 – 21:22Is there an easy fix for my trouble sleeping?
21:22 – 23:07Sleep is evolution, and evolution is in control
23:07 – 26:27Insomnia is a 24-hour problem
26:27 – 32:59What are you sacrificing when you experience trouble sleeping?
35:59 – 37:33Leaving insomnia at the door
37:33 – 44:15Sleep and performance
44:15 – 52:16Changing the vicious cycle of insomnia into a cycle of rest
52:16 – 56:36Insomnia is treatable
56:36 – 1:02:27The desire to change
1:02:28 – 1:05:42Sleep disparities and advancements in the sleep field
1:05:42 – 1:08:54The hope for improved sleep
1:08:54 – 1:12:39The quest for sleep end credits